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Heather Syren Art

Heather Syren Art

Heather makes some really interesting artworks, so go on over to her website and take a look. Heather Syren Art

She makes stuff. It makes her happy. This is where she tells you about it. I like it.

Casey Sheppard Designs

Casey Sheppard Designs

My friend Casey makes some really interesting jewelry. Go on over to her website and take a look. Casey Sheppard Designs They would make some great gifts for that special person in your life.

Casey is the newest jewelry designer to move into studio 39 in Lincoln’s own Parrish Studios located at 1416 O Street. joining an eclectic group of inspiring art-minded individuals that produce unusually-creative works and services for the public.

Drawing on Napkins

Napkin Art Thumbnails

Many years ago when I was a younger and better man I used to occupy a certain amount of my time doodling pen and ink drawings on bar napkins at Barrymore's a local drinking establishment here in Lincoln. I never thought much of it, but certain other people seemed to like them, so I just gave them away to anyone who expressed an interest. Eventually someone went to the trouble of getting one professionally framed, and I was amazed at how good it actually looked. I even recieved a compliment from one of the art instructors an the University of Nebraska.

One year for Christmas I even found a bunch of four inch square frames of the perfect size, so I made and framed drawings for all my friends and family.

Friends and relatives who got one of the drawings have now dispersed to all corners of the globe, so perhaps the drawings have as well. As long as people enjoy them I'm happy.

The drawings usually take about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete drawing the inevitable comparisons the PBS artist Bob Ross. I wish I actually had his talent if not his hairdo. It's not something that I try to point out to people.

If you want to take a closer look, I've posted some of the pictures up here on the site. My Napkin Art Album


I have a Blog
now, so you can check to see what I'm up to on a daily basis, although I probably won't post EVERY day.

Check the Biography section to discover how I lost most of my hair. Most of the people who know me say I'm either weirdly brilliant or brilliantly weird. Perhaps all that brilliance burned my hair off, or perhaps it just migrated to my chin.


The Writing area contains samples of my poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing. Some selections are humorous, and some of those were even intended to be that way. There are also links to items published online. Here is a link to the PC Basics Article that I wrote for Long Ridge Writers Group.


I have various kinds of graphical work in the Pictures section including photos, digital art, copies of drawings and other foolishness. My latest work is a little cartoon inspired by someone who calls himself Quacker.

Click here for the Zoo Bar Photos.


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I'll be happy to give you permission to use it provided that you E-Mail me to let me know. It would also be nice if you included a link to my page on yours. I will reciprocate. I do have other graphic material available, and I can create specialty graphics or crosswords containing special themes based on wordlists that you send me. I am also available for writing assignments.