Such Sweet Thunder Reunion


Some years ago back in 1998 I was celebrating my 55th birthday by letting people buy me drinks in a bar called Barrymore's. One of the friendly people who did that thing was Steve Streit. He pretty much matched me drink for drink and we've been friends and drinking buddies ever since. Eventually I found out that he played in some local bands as a bass guitarist, but for various reasons I never managed to hear him play. That boggles my mind because I go out listening to local bands play every chance I get. I guess fate played a hand wanting me to hear him play with Such Sweet Thunder as a special treat. I'm really sorry that I never managed to see these guys when they were active ten years ago. They put on a helluva show, and the crowd at Pears had a great time. I really think they should give up all this making a living crap, and come back and play music. I stayed up past my bedtime to listen, and it's not that easy to keep a 61-year-old man away from his bed at night. I'd tell you all that you're making a mistake if you don't go hear these guys play, but it's too late now. You missed it.

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Photos from the Such Sweet Thunder Reunion at P. O. Pears July 24, 2004 in Lincoln, Nebraska

Thanks guys. We'll miss you.